Welcome - you do you, for you

Welcome to On Trend Boutique


Gemma here to give you an insight into where On Trend has come from and where we are looking to go....

I have worked in fashion for a number of years having my own independent shop Gemini and working in retail management with high street brands such as Warehouse, Jane Norman, Desigual to name a few. This has provided invaluable experience and insight into every day fashion.

I live, breathe and dream women's fashion. I have always said 'put me in a room full of clothes and I am happy'. Just the feel, the different fabrics, the look and working on different outfit ideas really makes me happy inside. I also love seeing the joy on customers faces when you find that perfect outfit or a piece of clothing they have been searching for.

You do you, for you

I have always had my own sense of style. I love following the latest 'trend' but I like to make my own mark on it and in some cases investing in a wardrobe staple where I can add 'trend' based items to build a capsule wardrobe. I also love accessories and sometimes my outfit isn't complete without that final touch of an accessory no matter how small.

Your sense of style comes from within, it's who you are, your DNA. We are all beautiful individuals with our own way of how we want to be presented.

My personal taste is Comfy but Chic (which you see me add as a caption on many of our items). Being comfortable but sophisticated is a little bit of me. I love the current trend, mixed in with a difference.

We are not defined with what we choose to wear, but by our very soul. We can help capture this with our outfit presence, if we so wish. 

Our fashion journeys evolve as we do, we can go from neutrals to a bright colour palette and vice versa. Clothing can change or adapt our mood. I am a great believer in when you feel an outfit looks amazing, you also feel the same way. Clothes can provide memories of happiness and sadness.

I love to empower, to help and I hope that our clothes help you build an outfit that makes you feel positive, confident and push boundaries.

We also have the items that can be with you at time of reflection, comfort and 'you' time. We all need this and life is not all 'social media' happy all of the time and that is ok.

We will of course keep growing and evolving at On Trend and we will adapt our style and taste, whilst keeping the essence of what we want to represent to you.

I really hope you enjoy and continue with our journey and if I can be of assistance in any outfit planning or size guides, please don't hesitate to contact me at: myontrendboutique@gmail.com

Enjoy and best wishes

Gem xx

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