Trending hard right now....

Trending hard right now.....high neck tops

Stylish high neck lines can come in all shapes and sizes from funnel, turtle, choker to roll, ruffle and tie necks.

All of these can really make an outfit and stand you a part. Also a high neck really dresses an outfit and provides that sophisticated, finished look as you so desire.

Compliment them with skinny or slim fit trousers or skirt and you have the look down. Also pair with a blazer or biker jacket to give it that next layer.

High necks are having a moment and I am more than happy to embrace!

Shop our high neck lines today and let them compliment your wardrobe. All of our pieces are versatile and timeless that can come out year on year. 

High necks I have to say do not just stop at tops but dresses too - this just adds a new dimension to this desired, sophisticated look.

Shop the look today.

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