Spring/Summer 21 trends

As I sit here looking at this sunny day I am reminded that Spring is definitely close by. Just the sight and feel of the sun changes and lift moods and an air of hope envelopes you.

We have had some tough months but there is definitely an optimism that we have all started to feel that change is on the horizon and some sort of normality will resume. Yes!

What is trending for Spring/Summer 21 I here you ask...

I am super excited with what has been showcased from the fashion designers with the upcoming styles and colours. From big bursts of bold colours, tie dye is not going anywhere to wearing your hoodies with prom skirts...eeekkk can I get a whoop?!

So let's break it down:

Go bold or go home - Candyland certainly springs to mind with strong pinks, orange hues and powdery blue's fill this latest trend. Bold prints are also big. Whether it be strong tailoring inc. blazers to beautiful dresses you will certainly stand out if this is your thing.

Stick it in neutral - coffee and cream - I love the tonal colours of creams, browns, white, beige. Add different textures into this mix and you have it down - they are versatile and classic. Gorgeous satin to linen, um hm I am in love.

Good in the Hood - Hoodies are not going anywhere and all the comfy loungewear. Dress these bad boys up or down and take them outside as we start to do this more and more. As seen on the catwalks....pair your hoody with a prom skirt and gurl you are fly!

To dye for - Tie dye and big oversized boyfriend shirts are certainly continuing into Spring which I am a big fan of. Again these can be dressed into your current style.

Give the bold shoulder - we are talking puff sleeves, shoulder pads the works - the more dramatic the better. I am totally up for this - pass me my Dynasty blazer babe!

Our Spring lines are starting to drop here at On Trend. Over the coming weeks you will see some eye catching, style setting, classic and versatile pieces to add or compliment your Spring/Summer 21 wardrobe.

Enjoy and stay safe

Gem xx