Decluttering your closet

Getting ready for your Winter wardrobe....

I get super excited when putting together my Winter wardrobe - the cosy knits, chunky cardigans, warm thick tights the list goes on. What I get most excited about is getting myself organised for the new season ahead, it gets my control freak OCD into a little happy dance.

I am going to break it down as to what I do to give my closet a workout for the cold months ahead....

What we have to remember is chunky Winter clothes take up lots of room so we need to work out a way to make room, ok here goes:

1) Out with the old season and in with the new - I take out all of my summer clothes, wash them and pack them away in boxes or vacuum bags and place them on top of the wardrobe or store cupboard. 

2) This part I love - grouping together colours and types. So all of my tops, dresses and bottoms are placed in their departments and then colour coded. This then makes it super easy to see what I want to wear when I am on the go.

3) Theming - we all have the colour palettes we enjoy wearing, you can start to build a capsule. By organising your items in part 2 - you can then put together outfits that can all work with each other and see what you need to add to your wardrobe to build those capsules.

4) Hangers - buying the right hangers are game changers. Depending on storage areas - I always find wooden ones are fab for keeping items looking their best but if you are looking for ones that provide more room thin velvet hangers are your friends. Look for hangers that don't mark, stretch or that won't pull your clothes out of shape.

5) Coats away - I try to keep my coats and blazers out of my wardrobe. They are bulky and take up lots of room. So I keep coats on a coat rack in the porch and blazers on a separate clothes rail. I also try and keep some sort of bag over my blazers to keep them looking in top shape. With coats and blazers I look for investment pieces that are versatile and can come out year on year.

6) Crowd control - try and keep the wardrobe minimalistic - no-one has time to hunt for that fave tee - we want to see what we have to choose for an outfit and then off we go. I love having compartments in my drawers, roll up items to make more room and store things in an organised fashion. Declutter anything you don't wear. My rule is a year - If I haven't worn it - out to charity and bring in something that can be added to my style.

7) Shoe zone - ok I am partial to a shoe or two - what can I say they talk to me....what I do to keep them neat is at the bottom of my wardrobe I keep them stored in their shoebox with the picture of the item showing. Easy access and keeps them clean and tidy. For everyday shoes I keep on a rack and I keep them clean ready to be worn.  

So there are my 7 tips for a de-clutter - these are just some tricks and tips I use but you will have your own ones, let me know what works for you.

Invest in the staples, colour co-ordinate and have fun with your wardrobes....oh and bring on the fluffy socks!!

Best wishes

Gem xxx

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