Autumn/Winter 21 trends

Autumn going into Winter is one of cosy knits, fluffy socks and lots of layers. As we start to transition into autumn/winter the sustainable me is looking to eke out the summer threads longer and style them up into the next season.

Although we head into the drawn in nights and log fire season news from the runway is that they are keeping the colours vibrant and bringing a sense of the hot weather we have struggled to have.

Get ready for a clever mix of casual staples as we all know we are looking for comfort now in our togs and as we emerge and navigate to more positive times I am excited to see the top trends of the upcoming season and gurlllll it is on fire!!

Lets check them out....

Colour therapy: 

Winter bright's are hot on the catwalk. This brings a much needed energy and strength to your wardrobe making you stand out in your outfit - add that bolt of vibrance.

Cut out tops:

Whether it be round the neckline, back or sleeves you will be showing some flesh up on the top half and I am here for it. Peekaboo shoulders are back adding a subtle sex appeal to your outfit.

Chunky Knits:

Whether its a dress, skirt or pull-over - the thicker the better will be singing the top notes this season. I won't need to be asked twice for the cosiest, softest jumper with the biggest roll neck!

Quilted & Puff Coats:

I am welcoming these back with open arms. Whether it be a cropped or long version in colours - chocolate, mustard, black or check design it has a thumbs up from me!

Big bags:

Gigantic, oversize shoppers or totes are leading the pack - the bigger the better! Mary Poppins spring to mind and I LOVE this trend. You may already have a bag like this - reuse these over and over - year after year.

Matchy, matchy suits:

Slouchy, loose fitting and relaxed is the vibe which appeals to our new found love for all things comfy but keep it chic in neutral hues & don't be afraid to be bold.

Layer it up:

This doesn't have to be dowdy - exaggerate those sleeves, big collars, details, colours, patterns, the works - reuse as we head into this transition. Extra long sleeves are a thing so let them bad boys hang through your sweater or cardigan.


Shorts skirts are in - midis are on hold (for the mean while) and get ready to show those pins - whether it be with sheer or chunky knit tights wear your skirt with pride.

Ponchos & Capes:

Erm yes! The return of this trend that has been trying to break through and is a massive tick in my book! Layer up over a dress or shirt and this gives your outfit a whole new dimension.

Slouchy Denims:

Ok so the skinny jeans are a no go this season giving way to the slouchy variety. I really get a sense of 'comfort is king' oozing through all of the different trends. The jeans to look out for our the wide leg, balloon, bell bottom variety and this will give you chilling to the max in these classics.

Go green:

Green continues to dominate from SS21 giving a nodd to nature. The runway shows a whole array of tones of this colour and I am loving it!  Wear your shade of green...

Oh yes I do love Autumn/Winter - bring on the new seasons style. Over the coming weeks look out for all of these trends taking centre stage at On Trend for you to purchase. Remember buy those versatile items you can bring out year on year - be a rebel and mix up and entwine the seasons - layer up and layer down.

Enjoy our new collections as they start to drop.

Gem xxx

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